Sunday 5 May 2013

"Brand New Day"

When all the dark clouds roll away
And the sun begins to shine
I see my freedom from across the way
And it comes right in on time
Well it shines so bright and it gives so much light
And it comes from the sky above
Makes me feel so free makes me feel like me
And lights my life with love

Brand New Day by Van Morrison (lyrics by Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart)

Do you ever feel like things are going your way, things just feel right in your life, even if just for a moment or two? Do you feel content just by looking up at the blue sky or hearing the gravel crunch under your feet as you walk a forest trail? I kinda feel like that right now. The clouds have parted. The darkness has lifted.

Why is that? Well, I don't think it's luck. In fact, I know it's not luck. I have been working hard for the last month or so at getting my depression and anxiety to a manageable state. What is a manageable state? Thankfully, right now it means that it's not all encompassing. It has receded to the background once again. No more tears, back pain, insomnia, or that heavy dark cloud that seemed to follow me around. I can breathe again.

With the help of a medication adjustment (through consultation with my doctor) I have been able to rejoin my life - I have been getting exercise and connecting with friends and family. And, I am happy to be going back to work tomorrow after almost three weeks off. But the common denominators in my recovery have been perseverance, taking things one day at a time, and refusing to give in.

One of my biggest lessons in life is that things always get better. If you give them a chance, they always do. And when better comes, with it is a chance at a new beginning. Right now new beginnings are all around me.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it's my birthday in a few days (another synchronicity in my life - not a coincidence, I don't think). I feel like I have so many opportunities to grow and be happy and I am going to grab them while I can.

I know that the dark will come again - it's been a consistent part of my life for the past twenty years and I am certain that it will remain so. But I can handle what comes. That is what chronic illness has taught me. And, I hope that is what this blog teaches others. Don't give up - never give up. Because tomorrow is a brand new day.

KB xo


  1. Yippee!!! So glad to hear that the hard work is paying off. That is so great. My birthdays is also soon. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that my birthday is in May either. It seems fitting actually. Have I mentioned lately how much I like your blog? Keep writing, I am sure you are inspiring others to keep moving on.

  2. Very happy you are feeling better. I know it feels great when mr. Darkness goes away for me. I've just started anxiety class for 6 hours a week so I hope he stays away while I'm working on that.

    1. Thank you, Dave! Glad to hear that you are continuing on your journey to wellness as well.


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